Reply To: Jobs??

April 23, 2017 at 2:58 pm

fellow, I had one loading dose of IvIg, a five-day regimen, then was sent to rehab. At that point I was classified as GBS. My strength continued to fall, however, so I was soon back in hospital. I was sent to the ICU and given another five-day treatment. Then I was sent to the step-down unit and from there to skilled nursing, with attempted rehab in both places. But I continued to decline and contracted pneumonia. Back to hospital ASAP. Now I was in the ICU again and quadriplegic. I was reclassified as CIDP because my decline had been too long for GBS. I had no more IvIg after that.

After recovering from pneumonia, I was given plasma exchange — nine treatments — after which my strength started to return. I was also put on steroids and a long-term immune suppressant. Those drugs, along with physical therapy, were my only treatment after leaving hospital.