Reply To: Jobs??

April 23, 2017 at 9:58 am

Hi GH, sorry to not be offering Kaylee any suggestions but was hoping to connect with you on your history. I find it challenging to maneuver through these forums at times. I was curious how many ivig treatments you had before you or your neuro decided they weren’t doing much. I am just past my 7th treatment having been diagnosed in early Jan. I am on neuro #2 sense my first one changed practices. Newest guy did in office tests and said I was doing great but I still have nerve activity in lower legs and some numbness in feet. Strength, balance still good but notice no real bump from my every 2 week ivig. Was on Gralise (2400 mgs) daily but was just prescribed Lyrica to see if it will help with nerve pain. Have notice more soreness in groin upper thigh area where my cidp first presented itself. No longer nerve action in that area but muscle soreness. I am still very active at 61 with daily work (office job), yard work, home maintenance. Fell better when active. Just wondering if PH would be better for me. Hope you see this and appreciate your insight Fellowcidpguy (Jeff in Houston)