Reply To: Headaches

April 11, 2017 at 9:27 pm

You’re right about the amount, of course. I’m under so much stress, with neuropathy, persistent pain from serious spine fractures in late 2015, plus a very sick cat I can’t bear to lose, that I have trouble keeping anything straight. I retrieved my copy of my neurologist’s prescription from my ever-growing neuropathy file. I’m getting 25 grams of gamma each day for 5 days, every 4 weeks — a total of 125 grams per cycle — so I’m actually getting more than you. My doctor said he wanted to treat it aggressively because I have such a severe case and so much nerve damage in my legs already.

The first cycle of infusions took away the terrible stabbing nerve pains in my legs. It was so bad that my legs would fold under me and I atruggled not to fall. Seven days after I finished infusions, I waited for the pain — I was always on guard because of the danger of falling — but it never came. And it hasn’t returned. This time, I feel a little more strength in my ankles. I want my energy and balance back, but I’m afraid my balance won’t return.