Reply To: CIDP Concerns, Need a Neurologist in Philadelphia ASAP, HELP

March 30, 2017 at 7:39 pm

ER’s typically only care about urgent medical issues (like it needs to treated within the next 24-72 hours or you’re at risk of serious complications of death). They looked for something urgent (like a severely compromised vertebrae or Cauda Aquina). After that came back normal, they don’t care. They send you down the outpatient path.

What you need is an EMG, so they can see what’s going on in your limbs. They might also do an MRI to look for lesions (like MS). EMG is usually done by neuro but some PM&R/sports Drs also do them. They may be faster to get in, but if your EMG shows CIDP they probably won’t treat it (back to Neurology). You might want to play the odds here and schedule with the Neuro but see if you can find a PM&R/Sport dr who does EMG who can see you sooner… so that if it is showing up in the EMG, you’ve already got the results by the time you see Neuro. Getting CIDP positive EMG might also bump you up in line for getting into the Neuro.

But yeah CIDP sounds plausible so far.