Reply To: Copper deficency diagnosis.

March 16, 2017 at 3:12 pm

Thank you so much for responding.

Thankfully my symptoms are not near as bad as some of you have experienced. I know it could be alot worse.
I am going to continue to take the Copper twice a day like he suggested. I have two weeks before I need to retake the test for Copper levels in order to have the results back by my follow up middle of April. Hopefully no more tests will be needed, but if I am still having symptoms I will push for further testing, and at least will have possibly ruled CD out as the culprit.

I forgot to mention, the neurologist did do the EMG on me and it was normal.
His diagnosis “Copper Defiency Neuropathy” which I’m told is also very rare in developed countries,CD that is, and is only more common in individuals who have undergone Gastric Bypass surgery, which is not the case with me. My PCP had never had a case in his career, and it was only the second case my neurologist had seen since he had been practicing medicine.

I saw an earlier post (the details are foggy now) regarding a patient who had a positive diagnoses for CIDP and also tested CD. And her doctor requested her permission to give her information to a Dr. that was conducting research regarding possible connections of the the two. I think she said she knew of at least one other patient under her doctors care that were being studied.
You may still be able to find it if you put copper in the search field.

Thanks again.