Reply To: Diagnosed and Undiagnosed!

March 14, 2017 at 1:39 am

Sandra, are you referring to Dr. Mozaffar at UCI? He was following my case and advised my new neurologist (I had moved to a subacute facility which is why I wasn’t seeing him anymore) against starting me on Prednisone because he didn’t believe I had CIDP. My new neurologist decided to start me on Prednisone anyway and it’s the reason why I’m walking today. I remained so stagnant before and receiving monthly IVIG infusions simply wasn’t enough to get me walking. Sometimes even experts don’t know the best course of action since it affects everyone so differently. Getting different opinions isn’t a bad thing. I really hope you’re able to get an answer and receive a course of treatment that works for you. I noticed that since tapering from Prednisone, I’ve started feeling a bit weaker when it’s closer to my IVIG infusion due date.