Reply To: help

March 1, 2017 at 11:59 pm

It is interesting how we each progress in our individual ways! I can get down on to the floor fairly easily, but I need to have a wall or something to push myself back up with. I’m not sure if it is my knees, back, or overall balance. I still dislike having to stand in place for very long (if I am able to). When I first started walking (again) the pain was horrible. I made a lot of 5-foot, then 10-foot, then longer walking goals. I was given knee-high orthotics to keep me from clenching my feet like fists and from staying curled-up and for stability. They said I’d need them “for life”. Heck, no, I said to myself and put them in a donation bin 6 months later. I bought 2 ankle braces and used those instead for several months and in slippery weather for another few months. Standing at the kitchen sink is still difficult. I use a seat in the shower. I try not to look at things in the sky for very long when I’m outside.
I also kept a hand on or close to a wall or sturdy piece of furniture for a long time.
Who knows how far you will progress…keep trying. If something seems too difficult after several attempts, put it on hold for a week, a month, whatever it takes to grow the motivation, balance, and muscles.