Reply To: Undiagnosed – unusual deterioration course

February 15, 2017 at 10:07 pm

Just an update. Went to my pcp. He said it could be GBS or MS or a number of things. Said he would get me a neuro. I called today because i hadn’t heard from him and they said they were having trouble locating someone to accept my insurance. Big surprise. Symptoms still remain but progression seems to have slowed, but that could be wishful thinking. However, i came across something called Babinski’s sign. Its a fairly simple technique to identify issues of the spine and/or brain. It is supposed to indicate a problem in the CNS as opposed to the PNS. I had my wife perform it on me and got a positive reflex in both feet, even the one i haven’t been able to move since the 3rd. So now I’m wondering if it isn’t more likely to be MS related. I did locate a few case studies wherein patients had Babinski sign with GBS, though they didn’t know why this was, as it is typically a CNS damage related reflex. So for now I am still stuck in limbo. Considering another useless trip to the ER as my symptoms are certainly much worse than the first visit, but I haven’t quite brought myself to do it yet, as they have repeatedly told me this is neurological and therefore non-emergency. I’ll post another update when I know something more.