Reply To: Is Flue vaccine safe after GBS

February 12, 2017 at 8:06 pm

The influenza vaccine may trigger a few cases of GBS, but there are no studies that show it so the effect must be very small if it exists at all. The incidence of GBS is the same comparing those who have been vaccinated against those who had not been.

I had CIDP, but similar to GBS. I had never had a flu shot in my life. While I was in the rehab hospital the nurses offered me one. I declined, having read of a possible connection, but since then I read up on it thoroughly and changed my mine. I now get a flu shot every year. Because of my age I get the high-dosage version. I have had no side effects.

Influenza is more dangerous than the risk from the vaccine. In my case, it is also important because I visit hospitals and want to minimize the risk of being a carrier.