Reply To: Advice wanted

January 14, 2017 at 3:48 pm

You should see a neurologist as soon as you can if you suspect peripheral neuropathy, but an emergency department is not necessarily the place to go. Some cases of GBS are extremely rapid onset and call for emergency treatment. An ER will keep people so afflicted alive, but will not necessarily do the full neurological diagnosis. Most people with GBS have time to see a neurologist, who will decide whether hospitalization is required.

In my case, I waited a week or more before seeing my personal physician, and it was another week before he referred me to a neurologist. It was nearly a week before I could see the neurologist. When I saw him, he put me in the hospital immediately.

It is an emergency if you are getting noticeable worse daily, but usually in the nature of needing treatment within days rather than hours or minutes. For GBS and CIDP, generally earlier treatment leads to better results.