Reply To: Miller Fisher – Double Vision worsening!

December 15, 2016 at 4:51 am

Tarhealing, Normison, where do you come from because I leave in Paris and I find the French medicine is not evolved on the rare diseases.
I still have my troubles in my head and eyes.
Had you muscle spasms with cramps in the eye and the head ?
When I am on the computer my eye contracts. At the end of how long were able to you to reread a book or a screen? What made you during this time there? Just sleeping ?
I have question : How made you to see during the period ? Had you a mask on the eye? If yes, had it you on the same eye or in alternation the left eye then the right eye and how long left it to you ?
Were able to you to make a stroll every day or you took time to go outside?
Thanks and my best wishes for Christmas and new Year holidays