Reply To: Prevnar 13 Question

December 3, 2016 at 1:56 pm

In a different thread I raised the subject of immune suppression. Something to think about in relation to ‘flu’ shots.

I reported in this thread that I just had the 13 layer Flu shot. In the other thread I raised the issue of poor immune response following immune suppression.

My immunologist, and therefore, myself, have received the test results of the blood labs to check for the effectiveness of my immune system to the flu vaccine shot. The answer is that I failed to produce sufficient antibodies to this flu shot.

What does it mean? In my case, I took the chance of an adverse vaccine reaction for nothing. Literally. I did not produce enough antibodies to be considered to have the proper response to a flu shot. If the flu, in any of the forms in the shot comes around, I will not have the average person’s immunity to those forms.