Reply To: Miller Fisher – Double Vision worsening!

November 11, 2016 at 4:45 am

Thank you for your answers.
My troubles are my left eyes pulls on my muscles As soon as I move eyes and more when I put my glasses I put my glasses to see closely. As if the muscles of my left eye were shortened and as if I have to shoot?
It pulls me in the head at the same time and the neck and my arm which since is badly vascularized had you it.
I am alone with my childs and I am so afraid to stay like that wwith this troubles. I am afraid to have depressive illness because my doctors aren’t here for me and have not answers for me. They say me they don’t know if i will be good or not. It’s the reason I am bad now While before I kept(guarded) hope.
Read you is very important and thak you for your answers. My MFS is little, not big troubles but they during and create more troubles than other according to my neurologist. It is amazing.
Thank you one more