Reply To: Unanticipated Residuals

July 22, 2016 at 4:07 am

Hi Jazz,
This time ,last year, I was in the hospital with GBS. I was suddenly in the role of helpless patient, instead of a nurse. I feel your pain. It takes a lot from you both mentally and physically. I had lost a ton of weight and gotten back into running before GBS, so my beautiful calf muscles were the first to go along with the foot drop. Although I am still far from being healed and still cannot walk per se, I can tolerate standing for a good 10 minutes. I still shuffle with the walker , can’t quite pick up the feet just yet. I can get a tiny bit of a lift once in a while. It may seem like an insignificant gain, but when you’re paralyzed from the legs down, it’s good. I do have some tone in my calf muscles. It’s been there for a good 6 months. Don’t worry. If I don’t do a lot and it’s there, yours will come too. I am always fatigued and yet I have trouble sleeping as well. I also have extreme body image issues too. I did very well on my diet and never felt deprived and now everyone is trying to feed me because they say I’m too thin. I’ve given in a few times and find myself eating when I’m not hungry. I am also on neurontin. I’m so afraid that I will gain weight and I can’t run anymore so how am I going to take it off? There’s no set scale or crystal ball that will give a recovery time. Everything you said sounds pretty normal to me. You’re not alone. Hope things get better for you.