Reply To: Question about long-term increasing nerve pain

June 24, 2016 at 6:16 am

Well Im in your shoes my pain is constant and increasing my feet is on flame and my hands are getting worse my doc say that i can be glad to stay on my feet. I stoped taking neorotin few years ago for it do d not go well into my head it made my drousy some day i could not drive beacouse of it. I try too exercise as much as i can and try too rest in the middle of the day. What i hate most is to sit to long with my feet down then my burning get worse. But with constant moving around it is my realese. I think it is no help in medicine with this pain the only one that has help me is sleepingpills in the evening i could not sleep for my feet was on fire after the day. Geting sleep is the best realese i have after many years of waken up every night many are not alone in this and people think that it is all in our head but it is not. Xoxoxo Helga