Reply To: Axonal Guillan Barre (AMAN)

June 7, 2016 at 3:50 pm

Hello to all! Another member led me to this thread – I may belong here!

I just met with a Neurologist from a major teaching hospital in Chicago (Not NW) who looked at two abnormal EMG reports that evidently show axonal damage but no indication of demyelination. Therefore, she said that there is no reason for a nerve biopsy or spinal tap and that I most likely have an idiopathic polyneuropathy with no known cause or treatment. IVIG would not help me; only pain medication.
My symptoms are progressing where I am now only able to walk very slowly and only for a few blocks. I have leg pain and weakness, muscle twitching and jerking, plus I have nerve pain in chest and abdomen, tingling and pain in joints, hands and arms. BUT – I am not paralized – only numb from the knees down.

Does this sound like AMAN or similar? Has anyone been helped by IVIG or other treatments for axonal polyneuropathy?