Reply To: Negative Spinal Tap-Still CIDP?

May 28, 2016 at 10:31 pm

I also have UHC, and they are difficult to deal with. I had a negative lumbar puncture in 2008, when my Neuro first prescribed IVIg, and they denied it. My Doctor had to send additional test results, and push for the treatment,but they finally approved it. Within months I was I was in remission and went 7 years without any type of treatment.
Fast forward to July 2015, and once again CIDP rears its ugly head, and my Neuro request for IVIg is again denied. He requested a Peer to Peer conference call through UHC, and they finally approved a 6 month loading dose of IVIg.
They do not make it easy for you though. Keep fighting.