Reply To: Nerve pain

May 12, 2016 at 1:42 pm

I had serious nerve pain from CIDP and was on oxycodone for a time to treat it, but fortunately was able to get off pain meds altogether when I went into remission. I took alpha-lipoic acid and B12 for a time, but that had nothing to do with pain. The reason one might take those is to promote nerve recovery, but the effectiveness has not been established as far as I know. Neither had any effect on my residual pain.

I have to take issue with jk’s statement that Dr. Weil is “somewhat reputable.” He is a promoter of so-called “integrative medicine,” formerly known as “complementary and alternative medicine,” derisively referred to by those who believe medicine should be based on science, as “woo.” Here is a link to a Science Blogs item on Dr. Weil: