Reply To: Cidp diagnosis

April 10, 2016 at 2:07 pm

You said, “Hi guys I had diagnosis of cidp from a neurologist…” What were the diagnostic criteria for the diagnosis?

and then, you said- “..who recommended I get started an IVIG pretty soon that was like over a month ago…”

If he suggested you start pretty soon, in what way did he offer to help you start? You had already seen him, therefore, you were already a patient.

At any rate, CSF protein levels alone neither rule in nor rule out a CIDP condition or one of it’s variants.

Specifically, an article in PubMed on Lewis Sumner Syndrome states- ” The CSF protein level was normal in 67% of patients and mildly elevated in the remainder.”


And this- ” Eighty-two percent of MADSAM neuropathy patients had elevated protein concentrations in the cerebrospinal fluid” Well, it means 18% of patients did not have elevated levels of protein.

In summary, you’re already unhappy with and second guessing your second neurologist. Don’t be a mind reader, wait for his diagnosis and treatment plan.

Or, go find somebody you will be happy with.

For what my history is worth, every single Doctor I saw repeated every single test. It’s part and parcel of the medical side of things. Further, it is required to rule in and to rule out all kinds of disseases for this condition.