Reply To: How does past GBS affect joint replacement?

March 6, 2016 at 4:20 pm

I am widowed female b. O2.26.1945 and had G.B. With plasmapheresis treatments over the 2weeks in hospital; about3 months to stand and walk with canes and soft fabric midriff body brace. Rehab on my own because ins did not cover even as outpatient June 1991. Stable ambulatory after second year. Residual issues of varied discomfort(pain), hands and overall strength varied, fatigue, and went thru early menopause however the periodic hot flashes sweating for “acceptable” quality life. Endurance compramised. Not return to work but finished raising my family (and spouse) lumpectomy for breast ca with radiation. Osteopharesis with surg repair of rt hand/ulna/radious fracture and revision surgery the next year and total hip two years ago. Recovery great esp hip.
5’2″ and 110 wt. o.k. health even as I went through years home care of my handicapped husband Was 6’6″ and two hundred fifty pounds.
I have been diagnosed with multiple autoimmune over the years until lab and symptoms and extreme bedridden fatigue the past two years … connective tissue lupus
AND still thriving! Hard to believe sometimes.
Cheers to your recovery. Hope your pain decreases. I think hip recovery appears to be easier ? I see from so many friends the longer time and more pain recovering so hopefully you wiil be more comfortable real soon!