Reply To: CIDP again?

December 16, 2015 at 10:36 pm

Hey Gang
Well I had my first IGIV yesterday for the second time this year. I report that it has me again. In May I did IVIG and 4 months later ,the Dr stopped IVIG and declared you a back to where you were before May 1. Ok I did feel that way also . Just 2 weeks ago my feet and legs got that old familiar feeling again. No foot drop yet but weakness and the numbness rising in my legs. My feet were not there, the burned but no other feeling. I was using a cane last week and my attention was elsewhere and I realized that the cane was longer then normal. I looked down and the tip was on the top of my foot. Funny yea but not really. I’m not going to let this time get to me . I’ve made it through 10 times and 30 years. I rode my bike 3 miles yesterday and will ride it for 6 mi tomorrow (within 1/2 hour).