Reply To: Sensory CIDP?

December 5, 2015 at 12:49 pm

By all means yes ,exercise bike. PT would be the best advice as that’s their field, not sales but appropriateness of the style of a bike. My best guess and its a guess is to beg borrow or steal a very light one with no extras. Extras like TV, fan, counters, timers bells whistles. They can get very expensive. Go very slow, if its not a good day don’t do it but set a goal. Even the floor peddler, not one you sit on. You can stay in a wheel chair and do it. I’ve also got osteo a, a very bad set of disc/bones. Just laying on the floor and drawing my leg towards my chest cause me to weep. I set small goals and took my pain pills. After 10 years or so I can touch my toes without pain pills, but slowly in all measures. Keep driving (slowly) but make progress. Also think about other stuff, not why you can’t do.
PO’ed yep CIDP for the 10th time since 1985. What, once every 2 years ? Naw my last break was 2000 to 2015, thought I had beat it. Then the first of this year and again DR diagnosed last week. IVIG again next week. Probably the only reason I’m mobile is that I refused to back down and let it “Heal”on its own. Take an active part in this crap refuse to say I just can’t. Are you EC or WC?