Reply To: New Diagnosis / CIDP

October 23, 2015 at 9:35 pm

I recently joined this group in hopes to share with others my experience (positive). I am fortunate to be reacting well to IVIG. I wont bore you with my background as I would want to focus on the IVIG question. I was diagnosed with CIDP and began receiving bi-weekly infusions of IVIG at my house with a nurse. I felt the effects of my nerves within 3 weeks. Prior to taking IVIG I could not get up from a chair, shower or go to the bathroom by myself. The way the Dr described to me the situation is that IVIG knocks my immune system into order and neutralizes the demons that are eating at my nerves. IVIG does not help “fix” your nerves but rather hopefully stops the war on our nerves; depending on the situation our nerves in your peripheral system heel or regenerate. My Dr mentioned IVIG is the only FDA approved medication to help CIDP. IVIG has been a miracle drug for me… I could not say enough good things, but it is also a matter of how fast you are diagnosed and how your body reacts to the heeling process. I hope this helps!! In brief… if your insurance covers IVIG do not hesitate, almost no down side.