Reply To: After living with GBS for 5 years, I just found this site

October 2, 2015 at 12:35 pm

I don’t have anything now, just vitamins and a doctor that sort of knows about it. I’d love to know how to find a doctor in the Denver area that specializes in it.

When I first got it, the first week was spent testing me for a stroke, then spinal neck injury due to previous injury, then MS, then RA, and THEN after changing doctors, they sent me to get a spinal tap. It was weeks afterwards so the test was inconclusive because there was enough time for the white blood cells to receded from the spin but the count was still high. They did the test where they shock my nerves to see if it reacts quickly and readings came back good even though they could see something is not right. Then sent me to another neurologist (again this is about 3 months in) and he looked at the testing and symptoms and just said you have GBS, not much we can do at this time it’s too far in.

I’ll take a look at CIDP to see how it’s symptoms match up. How do I find better doctors?