Reply To: After living with GBS for 5 years, I just found this site

October 1, 2015 at 1:23 pm

I only had physical therapy the first few month just to focus on my legs until they felt less painful. I also used acupuncture during the first year. It was bi weekly and for about 3-4 months until the cost started bothering me. It seemed to help give me energy for about a week, and then the second week I would be drained again.

My doctor did some vitamin tests on me when I said I was always sleepy. Found I had a vitamin D deficiency and told me to take supplements. That helps some-days. I’ve found Vit B-12, D, Zinc seem to help just not 100%. Based on your reply I bought some Vit C and will start that today. I’m interested if it helps too.

I live in Colorado and the cold will cause my hands to cramp up in the pinky or thumb. I love winter, but it’s the most painful.