Reply To: Help! Hubby has GBS symptoms post infection. Does this sound like GBS?

September 1, 2015 at 7:40 pm

Thanks again for helping. I sent the message on to him. We have an appointment with a Rheumatologist on Friday. I will go and BEG him to try some prednisone. The worst part of this disorder, besides the nerve pain is the fact that his stomach and intestines do not work. He goes days without using the bathroom and just feels terrible. He had to go off Gabapentin cold turkey yesterday because he felt like his throat was closing. He has a band of tingling that goes under or near his diaphragm. I am very worried about him. He was supposed to get an MRI on his head to look for MS, but that was two weeks ago. I called the insurance company and asked about progress in getting that approved. They have never gotten it from the doctor. I am exasperated to watch him suffering and possibly going into a critical stage while they pick their noses. It’s so hard to get anyone to move on anything now! We’ve been to the ER already because he felt breathless, but they sent him home. I am tempted to dig out some prednisone from my doggie pills and give him one!!! But I don’t want to screw up any tests in a few days. Again, thanks for talking to me!