Reply To: Help! Hubby has GBS symptoms post infection. Does this sound like GBS?

August 31, 2015 at 9:58 am

My husband did get tested for Lyme disease and was okay. I sent a private message to a neurologist who I saw for nerve pain in my arms due to a herniated disk. My husband’s doctor just retired and he supposedly put in a referral with this neurologist, but as usual, we have heard nothing. I called and left a message, but again, got no calls back. Sad what is becoming of our medical care. Thankfully, I have a way to email this doctor because I saw him awhile back. Even that can take a few days. Most doctors seem to think that everyone with GBS becomes paralyzed, but from reading the forum, that is not so! My husband is going to see a rheumatologist this upcoming Thursday. Maybe they can help nail this down, too. Very hard to see someone suffering. He is a few years from retirement, so he really needs to work yet. I wonder if a person can be on disability with this disease. It is pretty disabling even in mild cases. Thanks for all your replies!