Reply To: Determining Axonal Damage Using EMG Results

July 13, 2015 at 5:32 pm

It isn’t necessary for you to know how to interpret EMG results, which a layman can’t do anyway. A neurologist should be able to evaluate axonal damage from the EMG results, and should explain it to the patient. If you are not getting accurate and sufficient information from the neurologist, perhaps you do not have the best neurologist.

What a laymen can evaluate is the degree of recovery just by going through the experience. Myelin damage can be repaired quickly, provided the attack on the nerves can be stopped. In my case, I could see improvement daily during the early phase of my recovery. Axonal damage takes longer to recover from, and complete recovery may be impossible. Generally, in three years, most recovery which is possible has been achieved. I know I have axonal damage from the EMG results, and after three years my further recovery has been negligible. I accept that I have permanent residuals.