Reply To: foot pain and numbness

July 9, 2015 at 10:15 am

Sometimes it is incredulous to know other people have the same exact symptoms of ones self. I have just viewed these posts (some from long ago) and can connect with every single feeling of despair from lack of answers. From the severe restless leg syndrome (which is by far my biggest complaint) to the toe pain of different toes, to all the other abnormalities. Ropinerole I am told by various specialists, is the only drug known to help. I do yoga, swim, and have years of physical therapy. My lack of balance has caused numerous bad falls. I will try the magnalife pill that dissolves and hope ! The anti-depressants sometimes given together with other meds did zilch. Any other ideas ?
GBS 1996,paralysis,ventilator, months in hospital and rehab