Reply To: Nerve Regeneration Protocol

June 15, 2015 at 10:26 pm

I am interested in natural medicines and formulas.
It is interesting to find improvements in nerve damage and the possibilities about nerve repair.
One of the discoveries that has fascinated me is Nerve Growth Factor and that Lion’s mane mushroom stimulates production of Nerve Growth Factor by human astrocytoma cells. Then my Chinese friend mentioned that you can find these mushrooms at Traditional Chinese Medicine shops and herbal medicine shops in many parts of China town.

Another discovery is by from Boston’s Children Hospital where a team of scientists
have combined 3 elements or factors to create nerve growth & regeneration.
According to Dr. L. Benowitz who is head of the team that made the discovery, the 3 combined factors produced synchronicity which
translates into a 10 fold increase of nerve regeneration compared to one factor or pathway. The one pathway usually means just one factor or ingredient.

According to one company, all 3 factors are possible with natural means and can be combined into 3 ingredients.
These ingredients are now prepared into a remedy. The data and explanation is at their website

However, the formula is not for conditions that actively destroy nerves, it is
a formula where the cause of damage to nerves are not present
(for example, nerves damage by accident or damage caused by virus but the
virus is not present.)