Reply To: Abdominal spasms

June 4, 2015 at 3:17 pm

the muscles in the abdomen; abdominals, are muscles that are nerved-up by the thoracic spine. the symptom also seem to indicate phrenic nerve involvement. these are anatomical nerve related issues. usually CIDP nerves-up the cervical & lumbar-sacral first, as they are the largest part of the spinal column (more nerve roots to inflame). However, CIDP is progressive and after a few years the thoracic spinal roots become inflamed.

The sensations you feel, in varied locations, are because the anterior horn of the spinal column divides nerve impulse transmission to more then one nerve root. Redundant nerve systems and pathways, however portions of nerve roots can be demyelinated causing conflicting muscle coordination, pain, etc.

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