Reply To: New here and looking for advice

May 21, 2015 at 2:26 pm

Hi, Miles. Welcome to the GBS club. 🙂

The symptoms you describe are very typical. And the doctor is right, there is nothing more he can do for you.

I was concerned to read that you have a lot of stress in your life. Stress is something that is bad for GBS patients. I was warned to eliminate ALL stress, which is impossible, of course.

It has now been 3 years for me. I’m still not 100% recovered but probably 80 or 90%, at least. The fastest way for me has been to do as many ‘normal’ things as normally as I possible can. That helped a lot. Some things really caused some discomfort but only the first time or two that I did them. Everything I did helped. ****> CAUTION: Do NOT overdo it! <**** Push yourself a bit but not to the point where you will harm yourself or have a setback.

You’ve got to listen to your body right now, it’ll tell you what you need to heal. If you’re exhausted (typical symptom) then rest between activities. Find a way to reduce the stress in your life, or at least the intensity of your emotional response to it (meditation? yoga? something else?).

Re the appetite, that was a big problem for me, I was NEVER hungry, didn’t want to eat. When you’re feeling like that, try ‘grazing’ nutritious foods and beverages.

Re the ALA that Jim mentioned in the post above, I did try that but it gave me heartburn and nausea, so I stopped. Others on this forum are trying it, I know. Not sure about the outcomes. I’ve not read about it affecting anyone else the way it has me.

At the moment, I am trying lecithin softgel capsules (1200 mgs once or twice a day), coconut oil capsules twice a day, and Stress-Relax Mental Calmness chewable tablets (100 mgs twice a day). Have been on these a month or two now. I think the coconut oil is helping not only skin and hair to return to normal hydration but I really think it’s helping lubricate my joints. My knees are still bad, so I’m grateful for any help there. Can’t really say that I’ve noticed anything in regard to the lecithin use.

The Stress-Relax, I only picked up a week ago but I think (maybe) it’s starting to help. One of my lingering symptoms is sudden anxiety – hits out of the blue, so I’m really hoping this will calm that down a great deal.

Stay calm and keep getting healthier. You stand a great chance at full recovery, Miles. It was caught early, so have a tremendous advantage over most of us.

Good luck with your recovery!