Reply To: CIDP again?

April 26, 2015 at 6:22 pm

Spinner –Centrifuge if that how its spelled It spins at an approiate rev to separate the various components of your Blood. I come out of the Oil Industry and we called it cracking. Two different methods of separating components of a given liquid. My friend I have had PP 9 times and it worked well for me. The problem for me now is that the Vascular Surgeon say no more (probably my age also). It got infected twice (different bouts) and that is real serious. The type of connection (hook up to your blood system) will be decided by how fast the Neuro guy wants it done, rate of exchange times length of exchange times days. Ie 88 liters for 2 hours each for 10 days separated by 2 days. Ok So it would be two hour sessions in 20 days, Those are fictions numbers but the Neuro guys usually figure it and are guided by the people who operate the Kidney Dialysis. Same Machine little different procedure. There are probably some standards now but my experience was breaking new ground, so they tried this and that combination of liters,rate,duration and sessions over different days. Other parts of the country had been doing this.But not many
THE First time on I went on Prednisone only poor results and very slow recovery. Next time I went to Mayo, DR. Bartlett ?? I think. Anyway he diagnosed myelin damage resulting in poor or no responses to nerve impulse transmission.He use different words but never GBS or CIDP. He said PP usually helps, go home and try it. So I went home gave the letter to my Neuro guy and he said where do we start? We (wife and I ) called Red Cross to borrow a spinner (Dialysis machine) and the PP did work.
My recent on slough is after 15 years of no problems , other then a few residuals, I thought I had it made. I’m not sure this stuff ever turns you loose.