Reply To: Back pain with CIDP?

March 20, 2015 at 8:33 am

Hello Timtcee, I was recently diagnosed with CIDP – and yes back pain is part of it for me. Interesting thing is I never connected my various pains to each other. I thought my back was bothering me because I had back surgery a long time ago. Since my surgery I have had little to no pain at all. But, in the last year the pain has returned – but different. My Neurologist ran an upper and lower EMG and told me I had sciatic issues (among other things that left me speechless as in “how did you know). That surprised me because I don’t feel any sciatic pain (as I did a long time ago).

I thought these various issues were due to aging. Guess not. My diagnosis came after a hard fought battle – I hope your road is an easy one. 🙂 Good luck.