Reply To: my father is paralysed neck down.

March 19, 2015 at 8:00 am

after my dad finished his plasma exchange, he immediately felt better, clean inside, energetic but lacked the power to be able to stand and use his arms. its been two years since he last had plasma exchange, and i will be meeting with his doctor next month to discuss a new treatment option of plasma exchange followed by IVIG and drugs. I’m hoping to see any changes this time. I’m quite desperate, my dad was so fit and energetic extremely healthy and powerful and now he is helpless. it breaks my heart when he talks about his childhood and it hurts more when i hear him speaking about him future plans of travelling and living life correctly if he gets another chance to.

im so sorry to know of that mcp… i can really relate, i know its my dad who has the condition but somehow we feel the pain too. from experience and after battling the case with so many doctors i suggest that you see your doctor straight away, tell him that you want plasma exchange instead of IVIG, plasma exchange is much more effective and will stop it just in time. I came across this process two years ago and i when i spoke to the 3rd doctor about it he put us off it saying that ‘its a messy procedure’ and it absolutely isn’t. please consider plasma exchange, I’m only saying this because we are sure of the results, they haven’t really helped dad because its too late but I’m pretty sure they’ll help you.

my dad is wondering what sort of pain do you feel?

don’t let it get it to you too much, i know its easier said than done, sometimes it hits me in the face and i say to myself ‘oh my god, my dad is actually bed bound!’ but I’m numb inside and out now. that is the only way i get to deal with it, but it will get better i promise, just stay hopeful and positive and always look out for the positives in the negatives, and have faith! faith is not knowing that god can but that god will.

keep me updated and let me know how it goes. as for my dad I’m going to meet with his doctor and workout a new plan of treatment, I’m not giving up just yet!

stay hopeful, stay positive! 🙂