Reply To: my father is paralysed neck down.

March 18, 2015 at 5:37 pm

I was almost that bad; started Nov 2013… I was hospitalized Dec 27 after two ER visits and 2 dr visits, the last three visits in wheelchair. I was an avid work out person; almost every day… no red meat, health nut. I did have a bad flu shot in 1995 that made me sick in bed for two weeks; other than that for the last 30 years I had been very healthy. Don’t even get colds. I was sent home from hospital Jan 3 with walker, and went downhill slowly. My husband called the drs office/hosp everyday for three weeks, they seen me again, and by then I could only move my head and neck and finger s little. I was sent home from rehab Feb 3rd; bed ridden, no hosp bed at home. My husband took good care of me. We finally got IVIGs approved in March and April my thigh came back – I was able to sit up and use my arms better. No more strength has come back noticeably, buy probably slowly. It’s been almost a year since any significant improvement. I can’t stand up; feet are extremely painful to touch; still in bunny boots. Had spinal tap and two EMGs; positive results for CIDP. I am trying to be happy from my bed, and use wheel chair … well not really, just to go to PT, three times a week. I am accepting and not depressed, so that is a plus. I’m trying my best. But Wow.