Reply To: Pain and weakness together

March 12, 2015 at 1:40 am

Thank you for overview. What you write about PN just about covers it for me. I have been assuming that it is the term for a cluster of symptoms that can, in my case, be a consequence of CIDP, as well as diabetes. I have a good teaching job in a university, with excellent insurance. I have been in touch with the appropriate administrators on my options. 75% full disability or reduced hours is available. I am getting closer to retirement age, and the university is offering early retirement to others at a certain age.

What you said about PE being used to eliminate existing antibodies is something I will look into. When I was first in the hospital, PE was the first plan of action, until a week or two later, when we discontinued it, for lack of effectiveness, and switched to IVIG.

I have had 5 nerve conduction tests and one spinal fluid study.

I didn’t find Gabapentin as useful as the oxys and, later, methadone. Lyrica was just too difficult for me to handle. Amitriptyline and Sertraline both help.

Meanwhile, I will follow the links you posted, which look very good.

Thanks very much.