Reply To: Methylprednisolone (Solumedrol) Experence

February 26, 2015 at 2:42 pm

I was wondering how long Solu medrol should take to work if it is going to work? I received 1000mg four days ago and still don’t feel any relief of symptoms. I don’t feel any of the side effects I expected either. I alos just started 12mg of Methotrexate and the steroids were supposed to help until the immunosuppressent kicked in.

@randyB damn! You yave been strufgling with CIDP for a very long time. You should be leading a support group. I am in my fifties also and have had Crohns Disease since my teens. I was dx with CIDP three years ago and it has been a struggle ever since. iVig helped my symptoms for a while but always made me very sick that I had no life. I have been attempting to minimize (with solu medrol, prednisone etc) to lessen and live with the side effects bc it kept me walking. However, I had my gallbladder removed six months ago and since then, IVig stopped working. Plus the side effects got worse and I began having severe chest pain during and after infusions. So now trying the Methotrexate/solu medrol route.

Since my infusion with solu medrol was only five days ago, I can’t tell you how I will respond. Since your post was a while ago, I am hoping you’ll get this and tell me how you are doing. Did the solu medrol work? Did you go back to Cytoxin? I hope you are well.

ho Jim LA, I saw you mentioned SCig. Have you tried that? I have heard that there are less side effects but I also read that it you have to be stable before you do it because it’s more of a maintainence therapy. Did it work for you? I have ordered Lipoic acid and am waiting fir it to arrive. I also read promising things about it. These clinical trials take so long to post! Thanks to both of you and I hope you are both well.