Reply To: Ability to Work with CIDP

February 11, 2015 at 2:06 pm

Hi Connie, It was a difficult decision for me to quit my job because it was so rewarding. As the director of an international program it involved travel (sometimes overseas). The last time I went to China I had difficulty at the airports hauling luggage, etc. Even though I am highly functioning with CIDP, I cannot walk long distances without resting and I tend to stumble and lose my balance so I walk slowly. In addition, it is difficult for me to fly long distances. Airplanes are not handicap friendly!!! As others on this forum have stated: CIDP severity varies from person to person. So, being able to work would vary accordingly. I was diagnosed at 59 so I was close to retirement. Since I was employed for 30+ years at the same institution I was able to reduce to 3 days a week for a year, but found that I was still doing as much because I had the same job description. So I decided to go parttime and worked in a more advisor role while I trained my successor. I realized that I could no longer be as active as I once was and it took my a while to realize it… Lucky for me, I was 62 when I finally called it quits. Now I draw SS and get an annuity from my retirement investments. I try to stay as active as possible. I am finding that I can live with CIDP and still enjoy life.