Reply To: Urgent. GBS misdiagnosis

February 5, 2015 at 5:43 am

I as well had a similar experience as LexieKy described. After full paralysis set in, and the doctors got two negatives with my spinal tap results, they diagnosed me via electro shock. By that time my kidneys were barely functioning and my liver was showing enzyme readings that were off the charts. When I began plasma treatment I was also put on numerous IVs of sodium sulfate which were almost unbearably painful. I couldn’t move or hardly speak for 12 days after the worst symptoms set in. At one point I was unable to open my eyes so when my family and friends who stayed by me wanted to speak to me they would open my eye lids for a few seconds to give me a glimpse of who was there. After day 12 I could blink, talk (very high pitched because my vocal chords were greatly effected) and barely move my finger tips. My enzymes normalized over the next month and after living in the hospital for 7 months and 14 days I left in a wheel chair. Now, after 2 years, with the help of orthotic leg braces, I’m walking with no walker or cane with full mobility in my upper body and minimal leg pain. GBS is a horrific experience but with the proper care and more importantly the constant support of loved ones, soon enough it just becomes a bad memory