Reply To: anyone have leg or knee pain?

January 27, 2015 at 12:04 am

Shirley you have been dealing with this such a long time I know something else popping can be distressing I hope you have others around you to help keep your spirits up stay involved to the extent possible. Just a thought with the increase in knee and leg pain. Early on for me what helped me every bit as much as the meds was therapy. It may be that very gentle range of motion therapy could provide a measure of relief. Bear in mind though at first even if done very gently may possibly hurt even more but try to work through it and it may help. When in the hospital I looked forward to my wife and the therapist moving esp my legs it was helpful for me.Tho still my legs and just about every thing else hurts and limits activity and professional therapy is out of reach for me as I can’t work and have no insurance. I do hope you find relief and distraction from your pain and distress. Take care