Reply To: New symptoms worried

January 26, 2015 at 9:59 pm

Jim I have been reading the forums for a while just didn’t feel I much to add. Your comments are always on the mark and you give good references and links thank you. I don’t have diabetes or really anything else before GBS. When it hit I had the spinal tap then IVIG 5 days. We read about the MFS and not surprised that you suggested it. All the time now and esp when trying to sleep my face feels like it’s crawling tingling weird etc. my nuerologist wants to do a nerve conduction test to determine if there is any change in my limbs.we don’t have the funds. At what point if my symptoms progress should I go to the hospital or that they would recommend PE? When the nuerologist tested me last year she said that I had extensive axonal damage that is permanent. Since then I have only been treated symptomaticly. It has become clear that the battle is 90% above the shoulders! Your definitely right some such as your self are dealing with very difficult residuals. At least we have company.