Reply To: CIDP vs psycogentic parathesis

January 21, 2015 at 11:09 pm

Jessica, I’ll tell you my situation in case it could help you. The doctor who diagnosed me is a world leader in neuromuscular diseases. He, and he wife, are directors of the Neuromuscular Department at USC here in L.A. He’s qualified. After a muscle biopsy, a spinal tap, and many, many blood tests he diagnosed me with CIDP. My schedule is: three consecutive days of IVIG in my home. The treatments last four hours each day. Two weeks on and one week off. Then repeat. After some early adjustments I have found that I feel no loss of ability before my next IVIG treatments begin. My insurance people thought my treatments were a little excessive and intervened. My treatment schedule got “thinned out.” I lost quality of use. Fortunately, when the treatments began again the use came back. Finally, they had to agree that my treatments were just what was needed. It wasn’t in my mind. I was diagnosed in early 2008. My problem is in my left hand and fingers. With treatments I have reached a level point. It’s never gotten back all the way back to normal. I’ve played sax all my life and no longer can. I’d be happy to speak with you if you feel it would be helpful to you. I don’t know how to get a phone number to you without broadcasting it to the entire forum.