Reply To: Facial Paralysis

January 17, 2015 at 5:54 am

My lower-left lip decided to retire. So, when I eat I chew with my mouth open and some food is bound to escape my intent to digest it. It is awkward, and I find that I am not as good a kisser, as I was pre-GBS. From what I recall, it has to do with complications/damage of the amazingly intricate Cervical plexus.

Any neurological damage to this realm is bound to cause issues other than cosmetics. We communicate using facial expressions, so if the muscles are not working we are not communicating as efficiently. No idea about cosmetic surgery, but I doubt there is much that can be done, other than adjusting by being cognoscente of how the lack of control effects non-verbal communications; perhaps to compensate for it via other means like using you hands more to express your emotions.