Reply To: Pain?

January 13, 2015 at 3:30 pm

PeteysGrandma this forum is for the exact purpose that you intended. A pain scale does help those who help or care for us professionally or otherwise. To have a way of relating to the pain that we experience. Pain isa totally personal thing. To show what I mean. When I walked into the ER 18 months ago I felt basically pain free within an hour or so I had my face turned to the wall crying, shaking all over with what I described as a full body charley Horse the only thing that helped hold back screams was trying to avoid upsetting my wife even worse, no relief and even then I kept telling them it was an 8-9!! Since then even with meds & therapy and so on I have not had less than a 3-4. So yes the pain can be a very real thing that many have to deal with day & night! What has helped in addition to the meds is trying to help others to the degree that we can and also as your name on the forum makes me suspect that you have a grandchild or two or more that may possibility help to distract from what is clearly a number of difficult health problems. I apologize for the earlier post as I am still finding my way around. GBS may be different on some levels from cidp but I hope some of this helps. Take care