Reply To: Cold weather and muscle weakness

November 24, 2014 at 1:03 pm

Hi, I have MMN and yes, I deteriorate considerably in cold weather. In fact, any time I have deteriorated, was in the winter. My MMN also started in the winter, or at least that’s when I noticed something was wrong. Many people with MMN do report getting worse in cold weather. Well, my hands just get unusable, and it’s not even so cold where I am now (Greece), but it’s too cold for my condition. Maybe it is similar with CIDP. See how you can keep yourself warm. For myself, I will be maybe the only person around going out with hand gloves, starting from tomorrow. There is not much else I can advise, just keep yourself warm if possible. Unfortunately, I didn’t get better in the spring, but that may be because I didn’t receive any treatment, being undiagnosed until only 2 weeks ago for several years.