Reply To: Facial Nerve Paralysis

November 10, 2014 at 10:16 pm

Thanks for your response Jim-LA. They rolled out the MFS and have not really said much about the facial paralysis other then keeping an eye on it. When in the Hospital and while in the ICU unit they started the IVIg for 5 days straight. After about two weeks in the hospital I was trasnfered to a rehilitation center for OT and PT and thats when we noticed even more facial paralysis happen so they figured the IVIg didn’t work for me and tried the Plasma Exchange. My body didn’t take to well to the donated plasma and I ended up almost in a comma. They then just did the PE with the senthetic liquid which I was fine with and apparently help some since I was starting to slowly improve strength wise. Since then I haven’t had any additional treatments other then PT and OT. I did have a slight relapse about two months after being in the hospital but was able to get back to recovering fairly slowly. Its been a long year but I’m still slowly improving with occasional sets backs as mentioned above. I’m not sure if I should talk to my doctor about doing another IVIg or PE to see if that would help with the facial paralysis. Thank you for the encouragement!