1 mm a day?

August 14, 2010 at 11:56 am

I had a doc tell me once that it mends at 1 inch a month…if my legs are a 29 inch inseam, well…you can do the math.

But then I had a neuro tell me that the damage isn’t continuous along the sheath. It is damaged in patches. So when I have a spurt of improvement, it is probably because the mending has reached a patch that was not damaged.

That gave me solace, for some reason.

When I told him that my feet go back and forth between ankle to toe pain and arch to toe pain, he told me that before GBS, I had good days and bad days… but that I didn’t notice so much because I wasn’t paying attention. It’s normal for things to flucuate.

I love him. I love him second to the one who saved my life.

Diagnosed GBS, July 2009
Pain in the feet is constant, just a matter of degree