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    very emotional post—I didnt realize that cidp could get that bad–i learn so much more on here than the doctors tell me. very sorry to hear of your condition, if you’re up to typing i would be interested in your different treatment experiences, what to expect etc..i’m currently on the first plans of treatment ivig and now ivig with prednisone.



    Ken, thanks for the update. So sorry that things are going as they are, but we will continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayers. God Bless.



    Ken, as others have said, thank you for keeping it real for those who are here.

    I am so saddened for you. I dont post much but I check in and have been thinking of you so much. I hadnt seen any posts and found this one this morning. I see it’s been more than a month or close to it…are you ok ?

    You are so blessed to have your mate to be there . I’m so sorry…I wish I could do something to help.

    God speed to you friend,


Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)

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