Your big pain in the A%# has returned,

    • Anonymous
      December 28, 2006 at 9:48 pm

      Hi all,

      Your big pain in the [COLOR=”Red”]A%# [/COLOR] has returned, some may like it while others swear……….HAHA. More than a few wish to know what happen so here goes, sorry but a bit long.

      Will start from May of last year that’s when I was asking for help cause I had no ramp or no way out of the house and many medical troubles an unable to lay down. I was getting weaker, able to move less and my left leg was leaking and filling 6 to 8 baby diapers I would set it on a day. Went to University Hosp of Cleveland cause they said they would hook me up with a Neurologist…..till they found out I was on Medicare. They wrapped my leg and gave me a nursing home list to pick from. The visiting nurse and others hook me up with St. Vincent’s Charity Hosp. cause they were supposed to be so good.

      I got there and they talked about all they would do, hook me up with a Neurologist, pain management, blood work and wound care. After 5 days I left. They got pissed right off cause they could not get me in the bed, to many cramps and pain, and no pills. They gave me no blood tests, no meeting with pain management or Neuro. Hardly anything to drink, I needed at least a gallon a day to keep my kidneys clean, and get this they yelled at me several times to stop urinating on the floor………after I kept telling them my leg leaked and I got nothing to set it on, Bulls%*t.

      The day I came home I fixed up my will and got my important papers in better order and called who I could to say bye, I was in serious pain and extremely weak. I was unable to eat or drink, threw up by putting anything in my mouth. I called Dr. Hussain (kidney doc) to get accepted at Southwest General Hosp. maybe die without pain.

      Less than two hours after I arrived I crashed. This is where it gets good. I remember nothing five days after when I woke up in ICU on breathing machine, so much for DNR’s. My heart , lungs and kidneys stopped which they got going and put me on kidney dialysis, and of course paralyzed again, STRANGE since last time after 15 days they could do nothing. It was weird I felt tingles, little pain, drugs of course, but happy[COLOR=”Blue”][B][SIZE=”5″] “GOD” [/SIZE][/B][/COLOR]saved me, VERY, VERY strange but will explain more a little later.:confused:

      After the eighth day because I could eat on my own , SHOCK, took me more than a month last time, they moved me to 2 North. MORE SHOCK the nurses, doc’s and aids treating me great. After a few days able to sit up and get in my chair and they stared putting my leg in a whirlpool which made it leak less and look and feel better. Dialysis was 3 days a week for four hours a day. Things were coming along good.

      After 3 weeks they took me to Fairview Hosp., now part of Cleveland Clinic, to start physical therapy. After four weeks I could not stand yet, alone, so I had to go to Manor Care therapy/nursing home. Everything else was going good, my body was working good, my leg was clearing up thanks to Dr. Treat (head of 2 wound care’s, Cleveland Clinic and Fairview) it has cellulites and a very rare MRSA, my muscles were coming back good and my major nerve cells were back. They checked them and there they were, only ones missing were exterior feeling. Typical pain inside moving from place to place (typical GBS) but on the outside I barely felt stuff. Could not tell if hot or cold, sharp or dull, soft or hard and not if I was bleeding. They said I may or may not get more back, GREAT, I already have neuropathy. My feet have NO feeling and my hands little.

      Went through my paid 100 Medicare days at Manor Care (therapy/nursing home) and had to come home Dec 5th. Had no choice would lose everything if I stayed, had to give them all I got from disability except for $40.00. People were saying no problem you’re doing good standing decent, good exercises, walking with walker and therapist over 100 feet and able to wear both shoes and no GBS tiredness and a LIFT outside at home. Problems I KNEW were coming was shoes were to tight, have to cook, clean, daily living and go to the bathroom without help, NO BIG DEALS!, so they thought but I knew better HELL was coming.

      Lets go over the 1st problems thank to Manor Care. Before I left I made sure they called in my Rx’s (all 17), my ride to kidney dialyses and home health care, said they did but did NOT. Luckily Middleburg Hts. Davita helped me get a ride after missing the first one. Took me a week to get all the Rx’s made out and filled. And the worst was my shoes. Because they would not let me use a computer to order them I had to do it at home, after trying 3 pairs (3 different orders) I got a pair after 2 weeks. Why a BIG DEAL cause I knew what was and did happen to my leg. It started leaking and the skin tearing bad because of the tight shoe and not able to keep the leg up.

      Seen the foot doc and he gave me a shoe to fit over bandages said keep it clean and changed and keep off it. Well kind of hard had to make room livable again from when I was so weak when I left months ago, get food, Rx’s, shoes, ride, visiting nurses, aids, therapist. Relearn how to use MY OWN bed, toilet, cooking and cleaning. And few believe me about the tiredness from GBS, guess I am just lazy!!!! Wish they would go through just a few of my problems and try and stay UN-LAZY and happy. At least this doc understands.

      Before I really get DEEP, sorry, I will list my major health, only health problems.

      [I]Diabetes, retinopathy, blindness, quad by-pass, Peripheral neuropathy (both hand’s & feet), arthritis, 2 strokes, tail bone (Coccyx) fractured 7 times, shot & stabbed multiple times, spiral fractured leg, chronic kidney disease (CKD), dialysis, blood clots, flat-lined 6 times now, poisoning by different types of accidents, knocked unconscious different ways, paralyzed, and of course MAJOR Guillain-Barré Syndrome.[/I]

      Now my problem’s!!! I knew I left early and once I had to do every thing I would lose energy and have a hard time exercising. After I get up, by myself, check sugar and take meds (about 45 min.) then try and eat, I am out of energy and have to rest, not even enough to check email, go on-line or type. Later I have to get in bed to put foot up but takes energy and it is getting better thanks to me. On non-dialysis & shower (2 days, none at nursing home) days I do okay with daily living and have a little time and energy to write this and check mail and make calls, a whole 2 days. On shower days the aid does a good job but takes a lot out of me. On dialysis days its very hard. Have to be ready by noon and get outside stuff on plus all the wheeling (sorry forgot to say still in a chair, see what a lazy dumb-ass I am), and after leaving 5 hours of being there I am in pain and totally worn out. I have a hard time making anything to eat or getting into bed.

      Life is moving hard and slow, trying to keep good prayers and attitude but having a hard time. Do not say see a doc, preacher or pills because in the past they turned me the wrong way and now they listen but [B]RUN!!! HOLD ON,[/B] this is where it gets the [B]GOOD, BAD, & UGLY[/B].

      When I woke up in ICU I was thanking God, no big deal?, HA HA. As a child I read The Bible and went to church but from a teenager to a few months ago I was a somewhat atheist. Was called an atheist, read Satan’s Bible, dabbled with his stuff but did not bother others who believed in God just stay away from me. Did not go out to hurt or find trouble it just kept finding me no matter what I did, just trying to enjoy life.[B] NOW I WOKE UP BELIEVING IN GOD. [/B]Do not ask or care why figured he brought me back 6 times so he must have a plan. The first few months thanked and prayed and only asked to help guide me, all went good till now.

      I am having a hard time sticking with it, I snap and swear at him, [B]SORRY GOD[/B]:( , and want to finish it all. Do not worry about the last I [B][COLOR=”Red”]REALLY REALLY[/COLOR][/B] want to go in the wind (riding). And unless you have lived through what I have, deaths to the point of not blinking (suicide, accidents etc.) accidents via vehicles body and soul, helping other who go out of there way to screw you even family. Having a college degree but people not believing in smart thinking and heaven forbid the old days when bikers were trash and useless no matter what you did, now they think I am good. Strangers gave me the name [B][COLOR=”Blue”]DESPERADO[/COLOR][/B] 😎 after they seen me around for awhile. And forget the other book volumes and forget that most I really knew are gone, have a couple that are close at heart and try to help around their shitty life and one who loves God and likes to talk but funds are limited and so is physical strength I just need this please,

      [B][U]Pray to God to help show me the way and stop me from getting mad and just make life go a little better for once with all I am putting in.[/U][/B]:confused:

      Sorry for this but had to get some out and ask for the help, no need to contact me just send it upward. I pray for all of you now and I hope life gets better and please listen, life is short enjoy and get good out of every day. Kiss the spouse and kids every time they enter or leave, call and see friends, just enjoy it.

      Thanks, George Kinsner

    • Anonymous
      December 28, 2006 at 10:31 pm

      Oh George …… WELCOME BACK!!!!!! 🙂 🙂

      You wont believe how many conversations you have been part of since you last stopped posting. I dont even know what to say after reading your post, I think Im still trying to comprehend it all. I WILL pray for you, and you have to be aware how many of us were praying for you before you even stopped posting.
      Do you still see your sister at all?? I was just wondering if she is able to lend a helping hand at all?
      Glad you are back, Glad you are posting again and keep talking to Him.

    • Anonymous
      December 29, 2006 at 3:01 am

      George, having you back is the best Christmas present ever. We truly missed you. You really should write a book with all that you have been through. Please take care of yourself.


    • Anonymous
      December 29, 2006 at 1:43 pm

      Wow George, glad your back. That took a lot of energy writing that post. You know that you have family here. I’m glad to see you are praying and it is discouraging when we want to see results immediately but that doesn’t always happen. What I try to do is find something good in everything that happens no matter how hard that is. You will find yourself even laughing at it sometimes. And yes this also gets discouraging but if we don’t do something to find the positive then the negative will always find us. take care and stay close…we’re all rooting for you. and Write a Book, shoot you oughta write a movie…talk about a tear jerker..Get one out there for GBS..


    • Anonymous
      December 29, 2006 at 6:37 pm

      George, how nice to see you posting again! I’ve been worried about you, as have many others on the forums.

      I do hope things will be improving for you. Prayers are winging their way to you.


    • Anonymous
      December 29, 2006 at 7:33 pm

      Hi George,

      I’m glad you decided to be a part of God’s family. He was just waiting for you. He never leaves us even in the tough times when we think he’s gone or have no use for him. I do hope you believe not only in him but his son Jesus. He sent Jesus to die for us so we might live for ever with him in eternity. Continue to share your faith with those you meet. I’m inspired by your story. I don’t talk with him as much as I should or should I say listen. Keep on posting. I’ve been a GBS survivor for two years now. I was paralyzed except for my lungs and spent 3 months in the hospitals. Thanks for sharing your struggles. Happy New Year!


    • Anonymous
      December 30, 2006 at 7:28 pm

      Welcome back, George! We missed you! I’m sending lots of big hugs your way!



    • Anonymous
      December 31, 2006 at 12:45 am

      [B]Welcome Back George, it’s good to have you back with family again.:) [/B]

    • Anonymous
      January 1, 2007 at 2:17 am


      I read your post and it brought tears to me. I will pray for you and all of us on this forum. Without GOD’S help, every instant, I wouldn’t be able to survive. GOD BLESS YOU GEORGE!

    • Anonymous
      January 1, 2007 at 12:41 pm

      Hey All,

      I want to say thanks and I am tape recording my past, can not type fast enough or have the energy. Been doing it for a few years now, Friends keep bugging me too, need to get it down before I forget to much and their is enough people around to verify it all, lost MANY MANY of friends.

      Been praying to GOD and JESUS allot and for all.

    • Anonymous
      January 2, 2007 at 10:28 pm

      What a story!! Thanks for sharing it. You are in my prayers. God bless you.